Teens—get heart smart.

Northwestern University is seeking 8th graders to join a paid research study
to see how their world affects their heart and health.

Benefits of participating include:

We’re exploring the connections between your world and your heart.

Our researchers are trying to understand how people's brains and bodies develop as they go through adolescence, and how their experiences at home, with friends, and at school affect that process. Ultimately, we want to understand what helps adolescents develop successfully and keeps them healthy, as they transition into adulthood. This knowledge will help us begin to address the health-related inequality that exists between youth growing up in high- versus low-income households.

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors:
High Versus Low Household Income


Tobacco Exposure


Greg Miller

Dr. Greg Miller

Principal Investigator|My World, My Heart

Dr Miller is PI of the MWMH project, Co-director of the FHRC, and a Professor of Psychology at Northwestern. He has won multiple awards for his research, and received grants from the National Institutes of Health and private foundations to support this work. More

Katherine Vause

Katherine Vause

Project Coordinator|My World, My Heart

Kay is the lead project coordinator of the My World, My Heart research study at the Foundations of Health Research Center (FHRC) at Northwestern University. More

Van Le

Van Le

Research Assistant|My World, My Heart

Van is a research assistant with the My World, My Heart project at Northwestern University. Born in Vietnam and raised in Chicago, Van is a proud Wisconsin Badger with a B.S. in Psychology and a certificate in Global Health. More

Lauren Hoffer

Lauren Hoffer

Research Assistant|My World, My Heart

Lauren is a research assistant with the My World, My Heart study. Born and raised in Wisconsin, she attended the University of Wisconsin where she earned a B.S. in Biochemistry. More

Abhi Veerina

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Research Assistant|My World, My Heart

Abhi is an undergraduate research assistant with the My World, My Heart research study. He is currently a junior at Northwestern University, where he is on the premedical track pursuing a degree in religious studies with a minor in global health studies. He also serves as a mentor for at-risk youth in Evanston through Project Soar at the YMCA.

Camelia Hostinar

Camelia Hostinar

Postdoctoral Research Associate|My World, My Heart

Camelia is a post-doc with the My World, My Heart research study. She joined the Miller and Chen lab in August, 2013 after earning her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology (with a minor in Neuroscience) at the Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota. More

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Please note, participating in this research study involves two visits to our research center at Northwestern University in downtown Evanston (lasting about 3 hours), two brain scans at a Northwestern research facility in downtown Chicago (lasting about 2 hours), home activity monitoring via a Fitbit, and phone calls every six months for two years to check in with child.

Before signing up, please make sure the research participant you're registering…

  • Is in or entering 8th grade
  • Is English-speaking
  • Is in good health
  • Does not have permanent metal braces or retainer

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